Both addic­tive and heart­warm­ing, It Was Love When… is a freeze frame of that moment when you real­ize that you’re tru­ly, com­plete­ly in love. Sto­ries col­lect­ed from Elder’s web­site of the same name.

It may be after three days togeth­er, or after three months-it’s that moment when it all falls togeth­er. From heart­felt dec­la­ra­tions to all-know­ing smiles, It Was Love When .. cap­tures that moment when love is just begin­ning.

• I thought to myself, “I love him more than Spi­der-Man loves Mary Jane.”

• I was look­ing through his iTunes when I real­ized that our playlists were near­ly iden­ti­cal.

• Sud­den­ly he turned off the lights and told me to look up at the ceil­ing. Glow-in-the-dark stars cov­ered the entire ceil­ing, spelling out “I love you.”

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